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At SavePoint Ministries, we believe that face to face community is a vital part of life. It is our goal to connect people with a real world, Christ-like church community where they can feel accepted and loved within the church, as well as discover the forgiving love of Jesus Christ.


Connecting Nerds to Churches

We are collecting information about Nerd-Friendly churches throughout the United States. Our desire is to connect people looking for community in your local area with YOU! Fill out the church survey to join our collective of faith communities that we can refer people to. 


Frequently Ask Questions

Need more information before filling out a Church Survey? Let us answer your questions.

“Nerd Culture” is the culture of those who enjoy games and media that, in the past, were seen as on the fringe of society. Video games, comics, board games, tabletop role-playing games, and superhero movies are just a few examples of what can be considered a part of “nerd culture”.

A “Nerd-Friendly Church” is a church that is not only accepting to, but has regularly attending members that are familiar with, nerd culture (comics, Dungeons and Dragons, video games, superhero movies, board games, etc).

A “Nerd-Seeking Church” is a church that has events that are specifically geared towards nerd culture (video game tournaments, Dungeons and Dragon sessions, board game nights, etc).

If you are the ministry leader or staff member, we will give you a follow-up call to learn a little more about your church’s worship style, demographics, teaching style, and more. If you are a church attender, we will reach out to the church contact you provided. 

Your church will be added to out database. If someone in your local area is seeking a church community, we will reach out to facilitate their first visit! Our goal is to have someone from your church ready to welcome them when they walk in the door. 


That’s great news! We are excited to help. Soon we will be developing “How-to’s” for outreach and community events. Fill out the church survey and we’ll email you when we have more information!