Meet the Team

About THE Team

We do what we love and we do it big time!

The team here at SavePoint are passionate about Jesus and being part of a faith-based community. We know that  relationship, accountability, and shared faith is necessary for doing life together. It is our desire for you to experience that too!

While each one of us is a part of nerd culture, we are also a part of something BIGGER…the family of Jesus Christ. Ask us – we’d love to share our story with you.

Meet our team

SavePoint is made of up passionate

Steve Valdez

Founder and Executive Director
Discord: SavePoint_Steve#2204

Josh Higgins

Board President

Jeff Isom

Board Secretary

Jacqui Valdez

Board Treasurer and Admin

If you can game together, you can work together.

The team at SavePoint is made up of nerds, just like you! We each have our own hobbies and interests, but a combined passion for the nerdy things…Video games, table-top role playing games, board games, disc golf (wait…does that count?), dice collecting, and more!

Interested in Volunteering with SavePoint? Let us know!

We are always looking for talented Nerds to help screen churches, guest-write blogs and curriculum, and help minister to those in the Nerd Culture.