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Repetition and Resident Evil 4

I’ve recently been playing through the Resident Evil 4 remake. While they did a great job removing some of the things that haven’t aged well (quick time events, inability to move while aiming, etc), I’ve been even happier to see the things they’ve kept in the game.


No Neglect

We can’t be Christian lone wolves; sin will entangle us so quickly if we don’t have other believers to meet with.


Lost Sheep

My mental health started struggling, I began battling depression on top of the anxiety disorder I already struggled with, and yet it still didn’t occur to me that my lack of a real-world community may be the issue.


Giving – A Lesson Taught By Dragons

As we sat around the table playing Flamecraft, we were joking that we weren’t just shopping, we were also showering resources and coin on everyone around us.

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