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SavePoint connects people with a real world, Christ-like church community where they can feel accepted and loved within the church and discover the forgiving love of Jesus Christ.

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Face-to-Face Community is a Vital Part of Life

SavePoint Ministries is a Christian organization committed to helping those who rely on the internet for community find real world communities within churches who will love and support them in a way that online communities never could.

While we recognize that there is nothing wrong with online community, we know that physical communities are a fundamental part of maintaining mental health.

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Why It Matters

Internet addiction can have a significant impact on people’s social relationships.

Many people with problematic internet usage begin substituting these “virtual” relationships for real ones as they spend more and more time online and withdraw from real-life interpersonal relationships.

Average screen time per day for ages 10-18
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of internet users worldwide are addicted to screens
0 %
of men and women report being near constant internet users
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increase in internet users since 2001
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